I didn't want to do this but I feel I have to warn others before they fall for Recyclebank's tactics.

I ordered a Starbucks card from Recyclebank after carefully saving up my points to do so. I waited a week for this fulfillment. (Like, really, do you need a week to get something emailed??) Nothing.

I emailed customer service. All I got is a canned response saying it's basically my fault I didn't check my spam box and another wait-and-see deadline before contacting them again. That deadline had come and gone. I sent an email again.

This time I didn't even get a reply from them. Wow.

Customer service is non existent. Just round about delay tactics. Rude attitude. Oh, yea, and they blame you/your email service and flat out ignore you if you persist in maintaining contact about your issue.

My time on the site and my clicks are not free. I had such high hopes for this seemingly ethical and green company but now I see that they are nothing about greedy lying pigs hiding behind a green-washed facade. The only green they care about is the green used to line their pockets!

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